Fall In Idaho


Patagonia fleeces, pumpkin spice lattes and corn mazes are how you can tell that its officially Fall in Boise, but to truly experience the season you have to leave the city. So on Wednesday we packed the car up with a couple jackets and some coffee and headed North. We made our way through Horseshoe Bend and began to ride along the Payette River where we started to notice the change in colors. Reds, yellows and oranges littered the tree line and we could just sense this is what Fall is meant to look like.


We found ourselves stopping along the way to take in the random spots of beauty. Something so simple as a lonely tree and an abandoned shed just seem to make for the perfect shot. You can tell that Winter is on the way and soon this entire valley will be covered in snow and life will be a lot slower than it already is. 


The greenery is slowly fading to brown and as sad as it is, its breathtaking. This is also one of those random shots that I didn't pay much attention to, yet the result was stunning. For such little effort I couldn't be happier with the outcome.


With no real plan on the trip, who cares what time it is. The only place we needed to be was exactly where we were in the moment. Also shout out to Proof for always hooking it up with sunglasses.


Cloudy skies and a little bit of rain made for an amazing shot here. I feel like you can tell that it was pretty cold just from the picture.  


Having someone with you along for the trip makes everything so much more enjoyable. Sharing the moment is definitely the best part.


Idaho was meant to be explored and theres no better time to do it than in the Fall. Take in the changing colors, the cold air and the calmness to truly understand what this season and state is all about. Or you can stay in the city and zip up your Patagonia fleece and order another pumpkin spice latte.

Mike Abbondandolo