The Adventure

The other day I got the feeling that I really needed to go out and take a great picture. Thats the calling of a photographer, you get an idea for a shot and you'll do anything to get it. So naturally I loaded my gear up, got on my motorcycle and headed out towards the hills. Classic me though, l had no real idea what I was doing (this is going to be a recurring theme in the blog), but I had Michelle Branch playing through my helmet and everything was great. Also I always assumed my motorcycle was loud enough that it would drown out my singing, but I learned at a red light that this is not true. So to the girl in the red Jeep, I'm sorry you had to hear my rendition of "Everywhere."  


In my directionless travels I ended up at a new and amazing spot that sits on top of a mountain (everyone here calls them hills) maybe 10 miles north of Boise. Shooting pictures at a new spot is just like going surfing and the most critical mistake you can make as a surfer is just paddling out right away without reading the ocean. You have to take in whats happening, gain an understanding of the setting and figure out how you fit into it (this is clearly my attempt at cheesy metaphor for life). As I was taking pictures, I realized what fit into the landscape best was my motorcycle, it just seemed like it was meant to be there. As I was taking pictures I realized I had to pee. Luckily enough I was in the middle of nowhere, but I tend to overthink things (this is why I'm still single) and realized that there are no trees. What if right as I was peeing someone decided to drive up this road that no one has clearly been on in days? Thankfully I eventually peed and I'd like to recommend that everyone try peeing on top of a mountain at some point in their life (but pee into the wind and not against it) its great.


When I got home I went through the photos and realized I was pretty happy with the shots. Usually I'm so excited to edit the pictures and see the final edits, but what I couldn't stop thinking about was how much I loved the adventure. It was the experience of exploring a new spot, peeing on top of a mountain and framing my motorcycle into a shot that brought me the most joy. So often I forget to be present in my own journey and I become so goal orientated that I get completely lost in the end objective(more cheesy life advice). Honestly I'm just thankful for these little trips that remind me to be present in whatever adventure life has me on and I hope I can remeber to just enjoy the journey. 

Dear Mom,

I'm sorry I talked about peeing so much.

Mike Abbondandolo